Our Logo

Our School Logo embodies the essence of our Sikh values . The meaning of each of the elements in the logo are

Sun There were 11 rays of enlightenment from God that brightened the universe by the Grace of God. The Ten rays were the Ten Gurus of Sikhs.

The Eleventh was the Eternal Word Guru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, that who has all the knowledge of Gurus, Saints, Bhagats and Faqirs! The revealed knowledge imparted by Guru Ji is the most important and revered to educate soul and reach God.

Ik Onkar The knowledge begins with Ik Onkar [< ] which teaches all humanity that GOD IS ONE!

The Pearl Necklace Turban Crown Guru is the True Saint-Soldier and He is also our True King [Sachay Patshah] as represented by the Turban Crown.

Truthfulness, Contentment and Contemplatio Guru Ji teaches us the ideal universal rules Truthfulness, Contentment and Contemplation.

Lion and Lioness These ideals have been carried and protected by Lions and Lionesses of the Guru.

Shield Within the borderlines of these ideals Headway School shall function.

Cubs, Sparrows, Hawks and Stars Under these ideals students [cubs], common people [sparrows] and people in power [Hawks] shall live, learn and reach for the stars.